SECURITE Fence System

    The Ultimate Security Fence Solution
             Affordable and durable high security fence system guaranteed for 20 Years


Prevents Climbing
small openings mean no toe of finger hold for climbing attempts. No passing of tools or weapons through fence.
Prevents Cutting
strong wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult. Small mesh size prohibits use of large tools.
Prevents destruction due to vandalism. Small mesh protects against brute force attacks as it doesn't allow leverage by use of large objects.



Welded wire mesh fence panel. Mesh size 1/2" x 3"" (12mm x 76mm). Finishes available are galvanized or galvanized and polyester powder coated in a variety of colors. The system can be installed with a vertical or horizontal mesh alignment.

Different post options are available. The system can also be mounted onto existing chainlink style posts to retrofit current chain link fence installations.

SECURITE stands out with its translucent and unobtrusive appearance for good visibility which is important for effective security monitoring. Yet this fence system sends a clear message to would be intruders.

Highest Security needs can be accommodated by adding electronic intrusion detection and monitoring systems. Please click here for more information on our electronic monitoring solutions.




The panels have a width of 8'-2 1/2" (2500mm) and are available in heights ranging from 4ft to 8ft (1200 to 2400mm).    The mesh size is 1/2"x3" (13x76mm). The forged welded high quality wire assures strength and rigidity.


The panels are attached to tubular high strength steel posts
1-1/2"x 2-3/8" or 1-1/2" x 3". The panels can be attached to the face of the posts or in between posts by use of the included high strength attachment brackets.


The SECURITE Fence System includes a wide selection of swing, slide and cantilever gates.


The welded mesh panels are produced from galvanized steel wire and are available also available with anarchitectural grade polyester powder coat. Our coating system offers the highest durability available today resulting in lasting colors for many years. In addition to the best protection against rust and corrosion it is also environmentally friendlier (no solvents) than other technologies.


The SECURITE fence system is available with a standard galvanized only finish or coated with a variety of colors. Click here for more color info.


The SECURITE Fence System is produced by utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology and is backed by our 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.



Anti-Cut & Anti-Climb

The SECURITE Fence System® provides superior protection against climbing and cutting. The small mesh opening and strong wire construction resists hand and foot holds and common cutting tools. It also prevents the insertion of leverage tools and the passing of objects such as weapons ect.

Modular Design

The fence system is provided as a complete modular system consisting of panels in various heights, high strength steel posts and attachment hardware. A selection of swing, slide and cantilever gates are available.

Security Integration

Security components such as intrusion detection sensor cables, surveillance technology and access control systems can easily be integrated through integrated posts and rails. Click here for more on our electronic security systems.

Long Service Life

METALCO's galfan zinc coating, high quality steel and advanced polyester powder coating system assures lasting quality. The combined protection of galvanization and powder coating ensures best protection against rust and corrosion.