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For more than 25 years, Metalco has been developing, perfecting and producing innovative architectural security fence and railing systems, gates and screens. While Metalco’s long list of satisfied customers includes major sports franchises, government agencies, educational facilities and more, at Metalco no job is too big or too small.

Passion for quality engineering is literally in our company DNA. Founded in 1989 by a German born and trained engineer Metalco is constantly driven to improve every aspect of its products with special focus given to the practical side, such as ease of installation!



“We wish to take this opportunity to thank Metalco for the excellent job that was done for the Philadelphia Phillies Stadium. The project was exceptionally demanding and took much planning and coordination. Metalco rose to the challenge and provided superior material and excellent customer service, all in a professional and timely manner. We hope to work with your firm again in the near future. Many thanks!”
Michael Keavy/Director, Business Services



Based on electro forged steel mesh panels and perforated steel as its core elements, Metalco’s North American state-of-the-art facility allows production of superior products far exceeding the industry standard. Durable, decorative and designed to last, Metalco stands by its products and backs each system with a 20-year warranty.

Whether a Metalco ready-made system is right for your project, or you require a custom solution to fit your very specific needs, Metalco’s team of highly skilled, experienced architects, engineers and product experts will get the job done, and get it done right.


As your partner in success, Metalco’s staff of qualified professionals will provide creative, economical, effective solutions for your project, every step of the way.

Have a challenging plan? No problem. With more architectural know-how than any other team in the industry, you can count on the combined experience only Metalco can offer, to overcome even the most complicated situations.

“On behalf of RCC Fabricators, Inc. I wanted to thank the Metalco team for a job well done… During the production phase of this project, Metalco repeatedly showed diligence and dedication in providing us with a quality product and on-time delivery.”
Jeffery Smilek/Project Manager

A proven track record of ongoing excellence. Exceptional customer service provided by qualified engineers and architects. Superior products made in America. Time and time again, Metalco has proved its mettle.

Metalco – Taking Service and Quality to a Totally New Level.